December 02, 2010

We were at the XXI Ciwalk.. I was a little bit confused about which one should I watch first, Rapunzel or Unstoppable.. Then, me and Sats decided to have the premiere ticket of Unstoppable while the girls get the Rapunzel. It was my first time watching a movie in the premiere studio, which means it's sort of private, only about 12 or 16 seats, with more comfortable seats and blankets, and table for having your meals inside the cinema. It was nice.. :)

Whoaaa..!! The movie was grrreeeeaatt..!! There were no ghost (since it wasn't a horror movie), no horrible murder, and almost without a gun sound, but my heart was keep beating faster and faster on every scenes.. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine were so good together in this movie. Definitely one of the best movie of the year, yaaaiiyy..!! :D

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