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December 27, 2010

There was a Product Design Award and exhibition at Itenas (National Institute Of Technology) - Bandung last week. They organize the exhibition once a year, and this year they named it "Wilde Gedachten". Well actually, I'm not going to write about the whole exhibition, but there was something interesting that you might wanna see.

Since Itenas has a lot of cyclist, the committee of PDA made some special spots for the product design students, alumni and lecturer to show off their bike..

At Wilde Gedachten Exhibition 01

At Wilde Gedachten Exhibition 02

At Wilde Gedachten Exhibition 03

Sorry for the lack of the pictures, I was quite busy at our accessories booth and forgot to take some pictures on the second and third level. Actually, there were so many bicycles on the other spots. I'll ask my friends if they had some..

Have a great day..!! :)

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