A Bright Bright Day

January 05, 2011

It was a sunny sunny Sunday, yaaayy!! We could cycling without worried about rain.. \(^o^)/

And here we are, landed at the Sunny and Green cafe on Dago #14. You could easily find it since they had a huge bunch of sun flowers in front of their cafe. They put it in a line along their mini yard..

Honestly, I was a little worried when I first coming into the room. Why? Because it was Sunday, the traffic along Dago street was sucks, but there was only one table that filled inside that building when we came there. I was like hey, where are the other people..??

We sit there, looked at the menu, and decided to try two of their blended coffee and a blueberry and cheese pancake. Then guess what?! They're just great! All of them..





Psssttt.. Their pasta is good too.. and they gave a lot of parmesan cheese on it, yuuummm.. ^__^

So, where are the other people..?? Come and try some of their coffees and relax while chitchatting with your friends or family here would be good sometimes.. ;)

Sunny & Green
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago) No.14
Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

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