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March 26, 2011

I found another great cafe in town, yippy..!! \(^o^)/

I have seen it couple weeks ago actually, guess it's new back then because I saw their big soft-opening poster in front of the cafe. Today me and Sats stopped by there after shopping some equipment in Suniaraja and Cikapundung, hohooo..

Green Cake & Coffee
It's my first visit, so I ordered a hot caffe latte as usual, and Sats ordered a hot cappuccino. I though my latte would have some kind of latte art on top of it, but nnnggg.. no, it's not.. mmm.. I was a lil bit disappointed but that's fine.. 

Anyway, here are the cakes that we had at the Green Cake and Coffee.

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue
They write it like that, "Chocolate Fondue". I wonder why they named it after a fondue instead of Chocolate Volcano, Choco Lava, or something like that. That's the name that I usually know for a cake like that, you know, a chocolate cake with an uncooked part inside of it that makes it looks melt down when we cut the cake with spoon? But anyway, I love how they served it. With caramel,a scope of vanilla ice cream, strawberry and almond slices, it came out really great. And the cake was.. absolument delicieux..!! XD

Fruit Of The Forrest Mousse
Fruit Of The Forrest Mousse
Meet this sweet and sour lady. I guess it's a mix of raspberry and blueberry. There's a lil of raspberry jam in the middle of the cake. Hmmm.. nice one.. ;)

We bought another 2 cakes for take away, it's Tiramisu Fairfait, which I believe that it should be "Parfait", and Neufchatel Au 'something'. - it's a cheese cake with strawberry and jelly on the top of it.

take away cakes
Tiramisu Parfait and Neufchatel Au 'something'
Over all the cake were sooo yummy.. But uummm.. Although it was not bad, but I think the latte needs a little bit more 'coffee taste' because the milk taste seems like covering the coffee so that I barely felt it. (and I really wish my caffe latte came with the latte art, hehee..)

How I love looking at their cake display fridge..


Prices (not including tax) start from:
IDR 15,000 for cake
IDR 14,900 for coffee
IDR   8,000 for bread

Green Cake and Coffee
Jalan Citarum No.2

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  1. This is so yummy. Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. You're welcome..
    And thanks for reading.. ^^


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