Attack Of The Arak

March 14, 2011

Sats just came back from Bali and brought us the famous Arak Bali. I searched for the cocktail recipe and found some called "Arak Attack" that use either Arak Bali and Brem Bali, while Sats was actually had mixed them with MM Pulpy Orange and Sprite soda, hahaa..

He does that a lot, guessing and thinking and make it happen.. Doesn't matter whether the result is good or just not really bad. But on this one, he did it well, hehee..

Have some fun with this Attack Of The Arak recipe.. ^^

Arak Bali
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, or any other orange juice will do
Sprite, or any other clear soda
Lime slice

Put the Orange Juice first, then slowly put Arak Bali and then Sprite. Use the back of the spoon if you want to make it nicer by separating the yellow and the clear one. Put lemon slice for garnish, and done..!! easy huh?? heheee.. ^^


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