Coffee and Tea

March 25, 2011

I just got a chance to try the new McCafe at McDonald's Dago Bandung today. It's funny actually, we were on our way to PVJ when I reeeeally really need to go to the toilet and we decided to stop by the McDonald's on Simpang Dago as we were passing through it, hahaaa..

So, we sat there for a while, Sats bought hot cappuccino and I chose to have Jasmine Tea instead of coffee since my stomach was not in its good mood. :P


jasmine tea

Tasseo.. A new brand I thought, I asked the waitress and she told me it's under Sosro brand. Then I searched for it and found out that they both are actually under the same label named Rekso, it's one on Indonesian largest beverage company. Anyway, the tea was really good and I love the jasmine aromatic. Too bad they don't have chamomile, I really love that one very much. I think I have to try the other tea from Tasseo too..

The weather in Bandung is really unpredictable nowadays, don't forget to bring your jacket and umbrella when you go out. Have a good day.. ^^

- McDonald's Simpang Dago, Bandung -

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