Night With The Cow's Head Meatballs

March 08, 2011

So I went to Dago Atas, with my family, and stop by at a restaurant named Baso Kepala Sapi. Wondering what is that means? Literally it means "Cow Head's Meatball", hahaaa.. But don't get mucky first because it doesn't as yucks as it you imagine.

It's kinda funny when I first catch their board name. They said that the meatball there are made from some parts of cow's head, like the cartilage and (of course) meat. I tried some of the meatballs and they are delicious, hahaa.. I felt even more funny when I thought about the cow's head and still chewing my meatball.. :P

The prices are from Rp 7,000 to Rp 17,000 for each portion of meatballs. Mine was called BKS Spektakuler, contains of Jumbo meatball, Siomay (kind of dumpling), Tofu-meatball, 2 cartilage's meatballs, served with Bihun (angel hair), yumm.. Make sure to bring your jacket because it's kinda chilly there, especially at night.. ;)

Bakso Kepala Sapi
Jalan Dago Golf No.12

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