End Of The Week

August 01, 2011

Looking for a fine hotel in Bandung? I just tried one, Sensa Hotel. I come to Cihampelas Walk often but had never seen the hotel that located in front of it until yesterday. Nice building, beautiful room, friendly staff, and from all of the hotel facilities, I love the outdoor swimming pool! :D
hotel bandung

hotel bandung

hotel bandung

hotel bandung

Interested? Check the homepage here.

It was a Saturday night and I was not feeling good that time because of sore throat, had a high fever that night, hard to sleep, it's really irritating. Beware of a sore throat with a high fever (usually higher than 99F or about 37.2C) because it could be a strep throat and you need to see a doctor for this one!

Anyway, have a nice weekday everyone..!! ^^

Sensa Hotel
Jalan Cihampelas 160
Bandung 40131

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