Scream for Ice Cream..!! XD

August 25, 2011

Me and Sats, we've been a fan of Pisetta for years. I don't remember the exact time but it was at Ciwalk, some years ago, on one of our first dates, when we first tried it. I guess I had a choco-mint back then, and I suddenly  felt it love with it from the very first lick. It's been one of my favorite flavor ever since! =D

Anyway, couple months ago, I (just) saw a Pisetta cafe-looks-like when me and my friends drive pass through Jalan Bahureksa. Planned for going there many times with them but it just yesterday that I finally went there with Sats. Well, you know, it happens all the time, having some plans with the girls and yet just a few of them that were accomplished, hahaaa.. But those plans are just some of our bond, keep us in touch in some way.. ;)

So after a long time wondering myself, here is how Pisetta Parlor looks like..

I love their concept! They used the colors of Pisetta itself nicely, put on comfy chairs and tables, cute little lights on the white pillar, and right on the middle of our chat we just discovered that they use glass blocks in front of their open kitchen, nice! I just have to think twice to know that it was just an ordinary house terrace that was been changed into a nice little cafe.

And surely I looove their dish too!
Cappuccino & Blackberry Ice Cream
Cappuccino Creme Brulee
Black And White Poffertjes
Fettucini Ala Pisetta
Potato Wedges

Go and grab something for yourself here! They have almost everything from coffees to smoothies, crepes to poffertjes, pasta to rice bowl, and of course lotsa ice cream flavors..

Oh..and I got surprised by the first time seeing Cappuccino Creme Brulee on their new menu. I mean like, "cappuccino? creme brulee?? is that a drink or a dessert?", and then me and Sats, we were just amazed when it came to our table. It's actually a cappuccino, covered by sugar on the top of it that has been burned to caramel. It taste soooo goooodd.. and yes, I was amazed by the idea, really, it just came out great! From a simply cappuccino..?! Totally love it! XD

Italian Ice Cream and Pancake Parlor
Bahureksa No.5
Bandung, West Java

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