August 16, 2011

It's the capital of North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. Manado is also famous for its traditional foods and beverages. One of the famous dessert from this city is klappertart. Some said that klappertart recipe was affected by the Dutch people that ever colonized their city. Now you can get klappertart almost anywhere in Indonesia, especially in a big city like Jakarta and Bandung.

Anyway, there is a Manado little kitchen here in Bandung called Sabua Klappertaart Koe. They sell klappertart (of course, hehee), some other Manado's food and also a robusta-arabica coffee from an area in Manado called Kotamobagu.

There is also Es Brenebon on the manu. It contains red beans with ice, chocolate and milk, but I haven't try it yet so maybe I will post it next time.. ^^

I had an Ayam Kecap (soy sauced chicken) and Sats had a Mie Brenebon Iga (noodles with red beans and chopped ribs). And trust me they are worthy! Fine dish with generous prices.. :D


See the little bowl with orange sauce? It's called dabu dabu, one of the Manado's type of sambal (chili sauce). Another one is known as sambal roa, and here it is, come with Fried Banana that my brother ordered.

Try it out!!

Sabua Klappertaart Koe
Taman Cibeunying Utara 4
Bandung, Indonesia

P.S: Do you realize how many times you catch "brenebon" on this post? There are lot's of Indonesian foods and beverages with that word in their names. I did some research about it and came with this fact, that Brenebon came from Dutch words, "bruin" (brown) and "boon" (bean), which literally means Red Bean. :)

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