Coffee & Vanilla

August 27, 2011

Found this coffee at Riau Junction a few days ago..
Essprecielo Caffe d'Choco

Pleased by its cover, we took one back home and made it immediately. It was creamy, but I think the taste of the chocolate is covering almost the whole parts of the coffee itself. It smells like chocolate and taste like chocolate-with-a-little-drops-of-coffee.

Anway, after a long long time of searching, I finally got myself a vanilla extract from Durkee, yaaaayyy..!! \\(^o^)//
I've been to Toko Setiabudi searching for it before but didn't get it. But last night it's like it was suddenly there! I need it for my cupcakes experiment. Tried vanilla powder before, I just wanna know the difference between extract vanilla powder and liquid. I'll tell you guys later after I'm using it.. ;)

So, it's nearly time for Lebaran. Happy Ied everyone! May God give us forgiveness, so we could have a pure white heart to moving on next year after this Ramadhan.. :D
For you that is going on mudik (Indonesian tradition of going back home, for those who went or living abroad for school or work), please drive save and pay respect to another driver!

This year I'm going to Semarang where my husband is coming from. It's gonna be fun!
Have a great holiday..!! :D

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