Cool Place, Cool Stuff, Nice Dinner..

October 25, 2011

Just found one of the coolest restaurant in town, yaaayy!! :D

It was past 9 p.m and we were just going to have a family gathering altogether with Sats family and mine. Yes, it was a big family gathering! And it was Thursday! There is only a few restaurant here in Bandung that still open on that time. Then Sats suggest for Origin.

And there we were. Having a great night in a cool place and nice dinner at Origin House and Kitchen.
dinner at Origin, Bandung

Aaaa..sorry for the bad quality of my pictures. My camera has an issue with the night scene. :(
But that place is wonderful though. Nice interior decor, good selection of furniture, just a cozy place to hang out with family and friends. :)

Oh you must have known that our first try are going to be their coffee..!! :D I had a Cappuccino Brulee, and Sats chosen a Hot Cappuccino. I'm not sure what was it on the latte art, but sure we love it. Not every cafe or restaurant here in Bandung that serve a cappuccino or cafe latte with latte art on the top of it.
dinner at Origin, Bandung
dinner at Origin, Bandung

I only got a few picture of the foods, since it was a very late dinner and everybody were hungry and the battery of my cam was running out, and still they came out a little blur.. my bad.. hehee..
dinner at Origin, Bandung

I do love the cream soup so much, sooo muuuccchhhh that I want it moooreeee..!! :P And this creamy fettuccine is just awesomely delicious.. :9
dinner at Origin, Bandung

Really sorry (again) for the bad image quality.. I wish I had another camera..
My mom ordered Grilled Salmon that was also taste good.
dinner at Origin, Bandung

aaannddd..the battery was out! ooppsss.. Sorry for a short snaps I hot here, hope I could get back there soon because there are a lot of spots that I haven't shot, and a lot of cake and other dessert that I haven't taste.

Oh, almost forgot to tell ya that in Origin you could find some organic food supplies and also some cool stuff from IKEA. Yes, here in Bandung! :D

Origin House and Kitchen
Jalan Sumatra 21 Bandung

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