Congratz Girls..!!

October 20, 2011

Finally the last girls on my class year were having their graduation ceremony last Saturday. Guess what we brought for them..

cupcakes chocolate
Graduation cupcakes, yaayy!! Heheee.. \(^o^)/

Me, Audry, Vedca and Intan had graduated last year and the rest 4 girls just finished their final project couple months ago. There were only 9 girls on our class of 2005. Product Design is not really a favorite major here in Indonesia, that's why there's always just a few girls on every year classes.

Anyway, the LEGO minifigures series 5 have one Graduate figure and we thought it would be cute if we gave it to the graduated girls, hahaaa.. So we went to Times bookstore looking for 4 graduate figures. Sounds crazy huh? Not really.. actually they are really nice for giving numbers according to the figures. It make us easier to find the match one, especially when you only need couple figures left to complete your collection. ;)

From 4 pieces that we bought, one of them were wrong numbered and we got the Royal Guard. Thanks to Hasto, he bought 10 of the figures and agreed to exchange his number 3 pack with the one that we had, since it supposed to be the same figure. So we went back to the store to change it, and thanks again to the nice cashier girl that allowed us to choose for another number 1 figure, hihiii.. :D
We put it on the top of the chocolate cupcakes that I made and that's it..

Congratulation for the graduation, girls..!! :D

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