Low Fat Ice Cream, Anyone?

November 21, 2011

I have tasted some low-fat products like yogurt, milk and biscuit, but this is the first time in my life I ever tried a low-fat ice cream. Sats is a green tea lover. We saw this Green Tea Low Fat Ice Cream at Riau Junction and grabbed one to taste. It's a new one from Campina, I guess..
green tea low fat ice cream

We were really putting in our hope on this ice cream (since we both love ones..), but it turned out upside-down suddenly after my first lick. Sorry to say, but I think I won't buy this "healthy ice cream" again, no more! It was the worst ice cream I have ever tasted, no kidding! The artificial sugar is weird.. taste like medicine. I know it's written clearly "low fat", but should it have to be that awful?? (+_+ !)

Believe me that having a diet or healthy food habit doesn't always have to be that bad. The easiest first step is try to calculate your everyday activities, and find how many calories that you burn to do those things. After knowing your daily calories burned, have some food and drink according to how many calories that you needed for that day. Try to avoid fried food, have enough fiber, always having your breakfast, have something to eat every 4 hours, and drink enough water! aaannddd.. having an exercise is a must! ;)

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