The New 7 Wonders Of Nature

November 15, 2011

They finally announced the provisional new 7 wonders of nature! They are checking the voting calculation now, and the winner will be announced on early 2012 during the Official Inauguration ceremony. It is possible that there will be changes between the provisional winners and the eventual finally confirmed winners, so let's hope for the best! :D

(Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela).

Out of the 28 finalists, Indonesia's Komodo National Park is one of the winners, yaayy!! I am so glad we won it. Now people would see that Indonesia is not only have the stunning Bali island that attract so many visitors all this time, but also this amazing Komodo Island that have so many interesting view that they might haven't seen before.
FYI, Indonesia has thousands of beautiful islands. If you love beaches, try to find some in here. Honestly I haven't even go to one-tenth of all the islands in Indonesia but I have seen people taken so many great pictures of them, so I think you won't be regret it to have visiting some of them.. ;)

If you are planning to traveling this year-end, do have a look on our Official Tourism Website here, there might be some interesting places that you want to visit. Hope you enjoy your time in Indonesia! :)

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