Afternoon Shopping

July 05, 2012

It's official! Bandung Super Mall is now called Trans Studio Mall. But I'd rather call it Trans than TSM because it's kinda weird..

Anyway, I went there last week and found this gorgeous purple sneakers from our local brand, League. Immediately put it on my next-to-have list! :D
League, craving for sneakers..!! XD

Had lunch at men_dokoro. Finally got a real ramen! Too bad they don't have the Shoyu Kani Kama, it's my favorite one.
Shoyu Gyu Niku Ramen, men_dokoroTrans Studio MallUnit A 209 2nd floorBandung
Shoyu Gyu Niku  |  41.5
Custom Ramen, men_dokoroTrans Studio MallUnit A 209 2nd floorBandung
Custom Ramen  |  48.0

Pssstt.. turns out that men_dokoro is another branch of Shin Men. My hubby first found that they use the same furniture as in Shin Men while I realize that they have exactly the same pictures on their banner except of their name. On that time we were like freeze for a moment,hahaa.. until a man on a black shirt (I think he is the Manager) came and gave us their flyer. We did ask, and he told me that it is actually Shin Men store, with a different name. And they taste exactly the same, yay..!!

>> men_dokoro <<
Trans Studio Mall
Unit A 209 2nd floor
Bandung - Indonesia

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