Hi! (again)

August 19, 2014

Hello there again! it's been a very long time, like.. a year since my last post?? Oh my, what a shame!
Let's recall what has happened in my life later.. (well, my life here means me, Sats, and our little Q of course, hehee..)

The past year have been a roller coaster for us. There were smiles, laughs, tears, hundreds of joys and sorrows. I might gonna start to post some of our old pictures while recalling those stories. But today, let me share our latest ones.

It's harder now to take a picture of us together, since Q has been running here and there. I even started to think that we need to have a tongsis, kind of a mono-pod that has been sooo popular in Indonesia lately, just to get the three of us together in one frame more often, hahaa. This one we got from our dear friend Owndy when we had dinner together last month.

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