Qavi's First Birthday Bash

September 03, 2014

Here is one of the biggest things this year: our little Q was turning one!

Times flies.. I do still remember how he was being such a nice and kind little baby growing in my womb for months. No morning sicks, no nausea time, and he was very cooperative during those days, thanks God! And I still remember how all of the pain was like suddenly gone on the second that he was born. It's all worth it.

They say..
"a baby's first birthday is also a mom's first birthday"
..and it's totally true! I learned soooo many new things since the very first day I met this little angel. And still got so much to learn in the future. The first year was like the most trying year of my life. After all, we are so glad that we have him in our life.

We didn't want to held a big birthday party for Q, but we did want something to be remembered a few years later. After days of so called research, hahaa.. we decided to make a little smash cake party for him. I made this sugarless banana birthday cake with cream cheese frosting and put a simple decoration on the top of it.

And here goes little Q with his smashing cake..

Momo got a bite.. just a little bite ya, mo! hahaa..

After all, sure it was a mess, but watching his happy and curious face while smashing and eating the cake was precious..

Happy birthday, sunshine!

- March 9, 2014 -

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