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February 07, 2010

NGOPI DOELOE - Purnawarman Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

Been there last week. They have something new on the menu, and it's sushi!! Couldn't hold to asked for it.. :P

Unfortunately, no offense, but when I had it, it didn't feel like I was eating sushi. Well, they quite good on the other menu but not the sushi. It may be just me, but the rice is not the one that usually used for sushi, they are too soft, even almost looks like puree. Sorry to say, but they were tasteless, even the small sushi stand have better taste from them. So I suggest you to try the other menu.

They have steaks too, and taste quite good. You should try their coffee too!! Ngopi Doeloe means like "coffee first", hahaaa.. they are quite good on that one. I had coffee blue on that night.

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