November 24, 2010

One of the many things I like about Sushi Groove is that they have so many kind of unusual sushi..!! ^o^

Me and Sats had a... hmmm.. how could I forgot the name of the dish?? Iiisshh..!! (--__--)
I'll find out the name later, heheee.. :P 
So, it was a spicy one, filled with eel and wrapped by smoked beef, and with the spicy sauce the sushi was reaaalllyy greeeaatt..!! hahaaa.. It was really hot!! And we love it.. :D

Fortunately we ordered the mushroom omelette for appetizer, so it could reduce the hot effect, hahaa.. But still, we love how it taste, so spicy , so delicious..!! The omelette was served with shoyu, and it taste good too..

We would like to have ogura ice cream but they don't have it that night, so we asked for matcha.
Having sushi after workout at the gym is just great, don't really have a guilty feeling after I eat them, although I eat a lot of them, hahaaa.. :P

Oh by the way, I love the chosen of their tableware..

Sushi Groove
Paris Van Java Mall
West Java, Indonesia

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