Hey hooo..!!

April 08, 2010

What's up all??
It's been a hard week for me. You know, my assignment and some other things, makes me more sensitive sometimes. Sorry for those guys who had to take those blow up things out from me. I was not in the good mood, and you guys just increase my blood pressure on a very not right time.. :P

Hey, this fur vest is one of those clothes I bought at the flea market last Sunday, isn't it cute..?? hehee.. :P

Anyway, busy don't mean I have no time for good food. :D
Here I am, had sushi with my friends at Sushi Baa. You can find it on Jalan Dago here in Bandung. They taste quite good with quite cheap prices and quite big portions. ho ho ho..^o^

It's late at night and I'm still working on my dad's laptop. Sleepy.. -_-
Nite folks..

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