Sushi Sushi, Yaaiiyy..!! :D

November 03, 2010

Haven't eat sushi for weeks and I already missed the taste of it..
Meet my favorite..

Salmon Nigiri & Tamago Nigiri

I just love the taste of salmon that mixed with shoyu and wasabi on my tongue.. Beside, salmon is high in protein, vitamin D and also omega-3. Do you know, an exciting recent development came with the result that people who have sufficient levels of omega-3's seem to have less depression and as well as less aggression.
Anyway, you should try salmon skin, it taste good too.. :D

So, me, Sats and my friends went to Shin Men, Paris Van Java Mall, had dinner and chit-chatting and snip-snapping. They have made some changes on the restaurant. They have a kind of platform at the front of the resto that covered by glasses, with long wooden tables and chairs, some fake but nice sakura trees, and some paper lanterns.

The rain comes in almost every single day here in Bandung.. Take care and don't forget to bring your coat or sweater.. ;)

Shin Men
Paris Van Java Mall
West Java, Indonesia

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