It's weekend..!!

April 24, 2010

Now here I am, after a long exhausting week, short time for sleeps, and the presentation yesterday. Thanks God it was good. But I still have many things to do for my final project.

Anyway, I went to this restaurant last Tuesday, had a quick refreshing time together with Ayu and Sats at Rumah Cafe 1930, on Cilaki street. Actually I forgot the real address but I'll post it later when I go back there. ;)

..the backyard..

They have 3 kind of rooms with many tables for each rooms, and we took the one on the backyard. For the foods, they have traditional Indonesian food, some pasta, and some of light meals. They also have traditional drinks, some fruit based drinks and coffees.

..onion ring..

..caramel blended coffee & some kind of chocolate (sorry I forgot to write down the menu)..

A review about the coffee. Actually it was quite good, but they put too many ice on it, or they might not put in enough coffee, that made me couldn't really feel the coffee inside it.

By the way, there is a new restaurant in town. Located in PVJ. I went there last night with my friends and sats. It's called H.E.M.A, a Dutch resto. I will post it later because I left some of the pictures in my friends cam.

Have a nice weekend everyone..!! \(^o^)/

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