It's (Fusion) Sushi Time..!!

April 17, 2011

Fusion sushi is not just an ordinary sushi. They are totally different in concepts. When sushi is a Japanese origin cuisine, fusion sushi is a combination of sushi and another ingredients around the world that were not supposed to be in it, like a different kind of rice instead of the vinegar rice, cheese, or curry. Curry?? Well yeah, I heard there is a curry sushi but I haven't taste it yet. It might be from India or some country near it, but can anyone tell me if I can find it here in Indonesia?

Anyway, me and Sat went to Sushi Grove after gym session today. It's one of a fusion restaurant that They have a new menu of some different okonomiyaki, so we order one of them, and tako sushi (kind of, but I forgot the name of it), and green tea smoothies, my fave, hehee.. :D

another sushi time

Hmmmm.. Oishii..!! XD

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