Another New Place To Have Some Nice Food

April 11, 2011

It's called Ei-Jie. Ondy said it's a new place in Paris Van Java mall, so after finished at the gym (in the same mall), me Sats and Ondy went to that place, right beside Shin Men (we come there often), it's easy to find.

It was a really nice place. There are bar tables in rows, and each customer would be guided to sitting on a bar stool with a set of eating utensils and one induction stove. We choose our dish, the waiter prepared it in a non-stick stone bowl, placed it on the induction stove in front of us and set the timer, and we started to cook them. For you who don't really like this self-cooking type of restaurant, don't worry because the waiter wouldn't mind to help you cooking your dish and all you have to do is just watching it and eat soon after the dish cooked well. ;)

They came out great! And in a quite big portion, hehee.. Just remember to slowly blow your food first before put it in your mouth because it could burn your tongue. ;)
I forgot the name of our dish and I couldn't find the bill so I can't write it down, but I think all of the dish on the menu seems great, give it a try! :)

Paris Van Java mall
Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

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