Cycling and C-wing

April 22, 2011

Hey hooo..!!

Ow my God! It's been a long time since my last post. I've been a 'lil bit busy doing this and that, trying to do something that I used to do it a lot few years ago.. one of my hobby.. cooking!! hahahaa.. :D I didn't really have much times for cook when I was in college because of those continuous tasks. Now that I finished it and have more time for doing some experiments. ;)

Anyway, I'm going to show you this awesome short movie that I got from Jaime from peSeta in Spain. But first of all, this is just popped out of my brain, do you happen to know what is the similarity between cycling and sewing? They both can be write on with a capital C.. "Cycling" and "C-wing".. Hahahaa.. :P kidding..
No, I mean it, they do have something similar on their bodies (I mean the bicycle and the sewing machine), they both have gears! :D

So, what's up with the gears? This cool guys from peSeta in Madrid came with an idea of connected their bicycle to an old sewing machine to sew a bicycle cap. Wondering how? See this interesting film that Jaime sent me..

Jaime told me that his brother gave him the idea and proposed for a director, then Jaime proposed it to the New Museum of New York City, and they were really into it. After all, here it is, the collaboration from peSeta for the New Museum of NWC shop; a series of bike caps, that come in a round cheese box with bilingual labels and a DVD of the action. Come and find them in the New Museum shop in New York (235 Bowery).

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