Pizza..!! XD

April 07, 2011

I am soooo into pizza.. especially with a lot of meats and cheese on the top of it, wooohooo..!! I can eat the whole pan of them. :P

And I got a new place to have some home-made and self-saucing pizza in town. Here at Bruno's Pizza, you can have some home-made pizza with many kind of toppings, and also kebab with small and large size.

Here's (ummm..I forgot his name, I'll ask him again later and update this soon :P) making his own recipe pizza in a small booth of Bruno's. You can see how small the booth is on this picture but still, he made a really nice pizza even if he could only use an oven to bake it. ;)

Anyway, we had a small sausage pizza and one large kebab for dinner and they were nice.. He could be a great chef. Well, actually he used to worked in one of the most famous cafe in Bandung, but I don't know why he quit the job but he said he want to have his own cafe. Nice.. Good luck! :)

You should give it a try. It's on Jalan Wira Angun-angun, in front of the Movie Room, any Bandung people would know where Movie Room is. ;)

Update, 13.05.2011
Hey hooo.. I just found Bruno's Pizza&Kebab's twitter.
If you kinda need something to ask, just mention them on twitter. ^^

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