April 12, 2011

Yuuummmm..!! :-9
Just finished my creation with my self-made brownies, and here is how it looks like.. It's quite an easy garnish, rite? Try it on..

I store my brownies at Rumah Nau for sale. Since I haven't got my own cafe, I try to store some of my self-made dish there. So I let A'Pipin to learn how to garnish my brownies, and he made it at the first try. He did well except with the blueberry jam, need more practice to do the zigzag pattern but I think he will get use to it really soon.

Oh I haven't told you about Rumah Nau yet. It's another place that I spent so many time in a day beside my home for chatting with friends, having lunch or snacks and coffees, doing my online activities, and even doing my jobs, heheee.. I'll tell you the detail later. ;)

Have a nice weekdays..!! ^_^

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