Tasting at Rollaas Cafe

February 12, 2013

I got invitation to try out Rollaas Cafe last Saturday. They said that it runs by local people and also use local products on their menu. Almost all of the ingredients are came from several farms along Java island, especially their coffee and tea selections.
The place is not too small, with simple interior filled the color of woods and coffees. I guess there will be enough room for about 50 persons there. Quite a nice place to have a casual meeting and friends or family gathering.
Rollaas Interior
So, I ordered Strawberry Blush Smoothie and a hot Macadamia Creme Caramel Latte for Sats. They said that they plant their own macadamia trees, and they grow together with the coffee and chocolate trees on the same farm. Both of these drinks taste good. They even smash the macadamias fresh at Rollaas, with the vintage nutcracker (which I thought so cool, haha..).
Strawberry Blush Smoothie & Macadamia Creme Caramel Latte
the nutcracker
Rollaas Fish n Chips and Fettuccine Carbonara for lunch. Taste good, and the one that they served looks almost as same as the one that was on their menu book. The prices are a bit high for some foods but don't have to be worry because they came with quite a big portion. They have various foods to offer by the way. Pizza, steak, pasta, and also some of Indonesian dish like Sop Buntut and Rawon. 
Rollaas Fish n Chips
Fettuccine Carbonara
Finally, Rollaas Black Coffee, their specialize. Their coffee was good actually. And the option is vary, from espresso to peppermint for hot coffee, and a lot more of iced coffee infusions. They said that the owner asked a professional barista to make special mixes for their menu. Well, I really want to try every single of them. But maybe another time, since I still have to cut my caffeine consumption because of this baby bump, hihii..
Black Coffee
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Paris Van Java
Sukajadi 137-139 RL-C21
Bandung, Indonesia

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