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September 08, 2014

I decided to move all posts from my other blogs here couple days ago, and I did move them all yesterday. Turns out it was very easy to move all posts from one blogger to another. I just need to export all of my posts from the other blogs and import them here.

I did that in a name of a better life (read: for a better time management, hahaaa..). Because based on my experience for the last few months, there were lack of post (here, there, and the other there) and all of my blogs became unproductive. So long my other blogs..!! I will leave for good..

Anyway, despite of so many contents that might appear later, from my daily activities, our little family, the foods, the lifestyles, the bikes, those DIY and design things, I really hope I could make my blog way better than before. And I was considering about posting in English and occasionally in Bahasa Indonesia too, so (I hope) I could reach more readers from my own country. Is it a good idea..?? Hmmmm.. We'll see..

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  1. hmmm, kayaknya gw juga harus memutuskan untuk pindah atau minimal konsen ke satu blog aja deh, biar gampang dimenej-nya ya.. (tapi masih sayang, huhuhuuu...)

    thanks inspirasinya Pryt! :)

    1. sama-sama Zataaaa..
      gw juga mutusin ini mikirnya lamaaaa pake banget.. blog yang lama sampe sekarang belum dihapus karena masih sayang belum bisa move on, hahaaaa..


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