Product Design 2 - Cantik

April 02, 2010

Here in Indonesia, we have this gorgeous culture named "batik". You can search it if you want to know more, but all I have to say is that batik is a beautiful art work. Paint the wax on a fabric, color it, remove the wax, and voila! what you will find next is a cool motif on a fabric.

This thing to paint the wax on the fabric is called "canting". Usually, people in Java and other city that produce batik in Indonesia use this canting for paint with the hot liquid wax that is cooked over a pan.

Here I am try to make it simple by making a portable canting that can be used anywhere or everywhere. It's my 2nd project on my major study. Started from a nature phenomena, comparing some products that use the phenomena for their concepts, and ended up with a new product. Meet my Cantik, electronic canting for make batik.

It might haven't work perfectly, but this is it, one of my design for another assignment.. ^^

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