what did you do on the weekend..??

April 06, 2010

The last one is quite a long one, from Friday to Sunday. Some people might have went to lot of places during those days and had a relaxing holiday with family and friend. As for me and my friends here, we did this never-ending-like assignment at our campus, slept for just a few hours, had some cup of coffee and chocolate, and did it again, hahaa..

and here comes the sun..

We stayed at the uni for 2 days, spent the long night Saturday drawing and writing, and did the survey on Sunday at PVJ. But that doesn't mean we didn't have time for fun!! :D

We went to the flea market at Gasibu, no picture when we were there, it's crowded, even hard to reach my cell phone in my pocket, hahaaa.. I'll try to get it someday anyway. It's fun, seeing some good stuff with a very cheap price, you can even bargain the prices..!! ^o^

Here I got 2 bags of sweaters and some other stuff. I'll post the pictures of my purchase stuff later.. :D

Anyway, we had a dinner at Sushi Groove - PVJ. It's nice having a good food after working hard getting the job to be done.

at Sushi Groove with Widz and Ayu

Have to go back to uni now. Have a great Tuesday all..!! :D

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