Makeup on Paper - Estée Lauder TSM Bandung

February 27, 2016

Oh my.. I really forgot to post this one up..

It was my first time doing a makeup face chart at Estée Lauder booth TSM last December. It was fun and I think I want some more! Hahaaa..

I'm not really a makeup enthusiast, actually. But I love to see people with flawless faces and those who are really good at using makeups for they daily life. Lately I even love to see how they do it, and what's the trends lately. I learn a lot about makeup and skin care, thanks to beauty bloggers and their Youtube channel out there. Oh.. and also from some of my son's birthday club moms, hahaa..

Anyway, thanks to Yudha for inviting me, it was super fun! Thank you Estée Lauder Indonesia for having us at TSM Bandung. It was great to get a new experience from the expert. And thanks for the goodie bag too~  ♥

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