Stones.. And Woods..

November 05, 2010

Yesterday, me and my friends went to this restaurant named "Steak Batu", and 'batu' is a word in Bahasa Indonesia that means 'stone' in English. You might wonder why they named it after a stone. I didn't ask the owner but I thought I got the answer when the steak that my friend ordered came with a square hot stone. Yeah, you can cook your steak on the top of the hot stone an eat it exactly when it's ready. It's fun! :D

I had fish and chips and I can tell you that the fish was good, I like it.
One of my friend ordered fettuccine but too bad it was over cooked. The good thing was the sauce taste good. I bought aglio olio for Sats and it was good too, and that one was not really over cooked. 

Oh, and I also had a cup of cafe latte. Hmmm.. The coffee is.. just good enough, not the one that I would love to have everyday though, but it's good. I asked the waitress what coffee do they use but she didn't know it. Forgot to asked the barista when we went home.. I guess I should ask them later when I come back there.

They have lot of tables inside and outside the resto, a pool table, and a karaoke room. The foods taste good and they are not really expensive. The waitress are nice, but I think they need more training for the knowledge about the foods and drinks. I mean, how can you say "I don't know, it just came right from the coffee machine like that." to a costumer that asked about the coffee bean?? At least they could ask the barista or the chef first before they told the costumer that they don't know about the drinks or the foods.

It's full of stones outside, and woods inside.. The wall filled with woods, some tables and chairs are made from woods too, with similar colors for the cushions..

It's nice and warm..

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