Friday Morning

November 12, 2010

What do you do in every morning recently??
Me, I wake up.. look at the clock and checking my mobile phone.. turn on the computer.. go to the bathroom.. then to the kitchen.. make a cup of creme coffee.. sitting in front of my PC.. checking my e-mails.. then make some french toast and have a breakfast in front of my PC, hehee.. :D

I bought a new kaya jam couple days ago. That one with the orange bottle, labeled Morisca. I don't really like it, it's too sweet.. But I still eat it anyway.. I like this one better.. Morin. Whoops, why did the jam industry likes to put "mo" or "mori" in their label anyway??

By the way, I'd like to share my french toast recipe with you guys.. It's so easy and simple..
--> beat an egg in a wide bowl, slowly use the fork..
--> add a little bit of salt, half tea spoon of sugar,
      and the cinnamon powder as much as you like it, then beat again slowly.
      (would taste better if you have a half glass of fresh milk)
--> heat the pan, put a little bit of butter or margarine.
--> cut some wheat bread into triangles or any shape you like, put it one by one into the egg,
      then fry the bread until the two sides of them looks brown.
--> enjoy it with a cup off hot coffee or tea..

Happy Friday.. ^_^

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