The Graduation Day

November 07, 2010

Yaaaiiyy..!! finally.. I made it.. Just completed my study.. and got my designer title at the back of my name, hahaaa..

On a graduation day, here in some universities in Indonesia (including my uni), women should use kebaya and the men should use the formal suits. So I rent this kebaya from a beauty shop not so far away from my house couple weeks ago, got my hair done there and got some quite heavy make up on the morning of the grad-day.. (--___--) Normally, I don't really like having those heavy make up on my face.. But it's the graduation day, so I had to, and after the make up is done, it's not so bad, hahaaa.. :P

Hey.. We got this cute little trophies from our beloved friends.. It said "Juara Kelas", means "the champion of the class".. Thanks a bunch, girls..!! *smooooch.. ^o^
Have fun with the girls after the ceremony.. Chit chatting.. Took some pictures.. Eat and drink.. I love the salad by the way.. Thanks to our juniors at the uni who came up with the Hawaiian theme for the after party.. :D

Congratulation for all of the newly born Product Designers from Itenas..!! Yuhuuuu..!! XD
Also for the Interior and Graphic Designer too.. ;)

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