And C for Chocolate ;)

November 30, 2010

So, after a constantly rainy days in Bandung, me and Sats decided to cycling on the bright bright Sunday morning and search for a place to have a couple cups of coffee and some snacks.. :D

There are lots of people cycling on Sunday. Some are taking part of a bicycle event, and you could see so many people with the same t-shirt along the road after the event is done..
And some are just enjoying the car free day (from 6a.m to 10a.m) on every Sunday morning.. and after that, they go back with their bike tied on the back of the car..
We decided to have breakfast at The Harvest. It was our first time to go there. They have great chocolate buns, lots of cheese cake and so many kind of chocolate there. But Bandung is still Bandung, rain will always comes during November even when the sun is shine brightly in the morning. We had to wait couple hours until the rain stop.

And we were just about to continue our Sunday cycling time when the rain drops again so we have to pull over. It was quite heavy and we were worried so much about our bike back then..

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