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May 30, 2011

Passing Pos Indonesia on Jalan Banda, this event was just catch our eyes that makes Andini turned the car to find a parking lot so we could visit and see what's inside..
Live's Bite..
Live's Bite 01 

It's a music-plus-foods event, with a Rp10,000 ticket included a CD of Gacko and a 5,000 voucher for foods, I think it's worthy. The musics are fine, some of them were actually really good. Too bad I didn't try any of the foods because me and Sats were fasting that day. But all I can say is they are a lot of interesting foods, from singkong kukus (steamed cassava) to ramen, and mung beans juice to es pisang ijo (ice green banana), and they all came with cheap prices..!!
Live's Bite 02
Live's Bite 04
Live's Bite 03
Live's Bite 08

There's also a stand with products from some of our local brands support by myOyeah.
Live's Bite 05

It's a nice day after all.. :)
At Live's Bite event, May 2011

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