Hello Rain..!!

March 31, 2012

Here comes the rain again..
My internet connection at home was in a very bad condition for the last few weeks.
I hate it! :(

But here is something that I really like to do at home: bake..!! I was wondering how to make a nice cookie, so I looked for some recipe and got this great one from allrecipe.com. My first try was really good actually, very surprised me because it was really sweet and yummy and I just learned that a fresh-from-the-oven cookie taste really G.R.E.A.T..!! :-9
chocolate chips cookies

However, since some of my family and friends said it was too sweet, so even though me and (especially) Sats loves the sweet taste of it, I made some changes on the recipe and came out with my very first cookie recipe of mine, yaayy..!! Although I cut down some ingredients, the taste are still great! I keep on making it like every once in a week ever since I found that recipe, heheeee.. :D
brown sugar cookies

For this one, I changed the chocolate chips with some dark chocolate chunks..
chocolate chunks cookies

Have some with a cup of hot coffee, or tea, or milk, maybe? and it would really make your day..!! ;)
Have a nice weekend..!!

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