My Favorite Thing: Whats Up Moms Channel

June 12, 2015

A few months ago I saw this video on my friend's blog and I was like oh my God.. this is really what happened to me right now! What happened next is, I go to their YouTube Channel, saw some of their videos, and of course, clicked on the subscribe button. I just love their channel so much!

WhatsUpMoms is a YouTube parenting channel, contains 3 moms, their family and friends, their hobbies, and some funny music video parodies, hahaa.. What I love about their channel is that they do so many things that make me happy, as a mom! It's like almost everything that I need is right over their channel. Parenting tips, DIY, daily activities as a mom (this is one of my favorite!), and recipes too!

Here is one of my favorite video. :D

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  1. toss Pryt, gw juga suka banget sama Whats Up Mom Channel dan banyak terinspirasi dari situ :)

    1. hihiii.. seru yaa liatin video mereka.. mestinya TUM bikin vblog kaya gitu juga kali ta.. :D


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