Cheap And Tasty At Hot Plate Corner

January 10, 2013

There is a new place near the uni. It's called Hot Plate Corner. Not a big place, but it's quite nice and clean inside. On the menu, they have noodles and rice that served on a hot plate, also various of ramen and sushi. They also have side dish like onion rings, calamari, and grilled bananas. Too bad they only have a few beverage on the menu.
Hot Plate Corner
Me and Sats tried a Mie Hot Plate Ayam Lada Hitam (hot plate noodle with chicken black pepper) and Mie Hot Plate Ayam Jamur (hot plate noodle with chicken and mushroom). They both came with a lot of smoke and a nice smell. 
Mie Hot Plate Ayam Lada Hitam |  IDR 10K
Mie Hot Plate Ayam Jamur | IDR 10K
And they taste surprisingly good..!! With only Rp 10.000 and taste like that, it's totally worth a try!

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Jalan Pahlawan 
Bandung - Indonesia

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