Ya Kun Kaya Toast

January 31, 2013

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is our most favorite coffee stall so far. Tried it for the first time at PVJ several years ago and kinda addicted ever since. One day we went there and got news that they closed and might move to other place. Then couple weeks ago we saw it at Trans Studio Mall! How come we missed it?? hahaaa..
Toast Set
Toast Set is just the right option for us on anytime. And if you still have a space in your tummy, go get another meal, like this one.. I forgot the name but it did taste good. Angel hair noodle with fried tofu, egg and bean sprouts, with curry-like sauce. A bit spicy. But those iced lychees is just totally refreshing!
Iced Lychee and Curry Angel Hair

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