5 DIY Kids Photo Display Ideas

September 28, 2015

As a parent, I bet you have so many pictures of your kids on your computer, or maybe you've already put some on Instagram as well. Got some more photos to hang on your wall? Let me share this 5 DIY photo display ideas you can do at home that will make those photos look just great on your wall.

1. Frame of Fame.
via littleinspiration.com
Prepare your self a big size frame, some string or yarn, and some clips. Print out your favorite Instagram photos of your kids in small size, and you are ready to go! Check out this page to get the full how-to.

2. Polaroid and a Branch.
via brethurston.com
If you happen to have bunch of polaroid photos, remove it from the storage box, find an interesting branch, and do this one!

3. Go Big!
via pinterest / chrislovesjulia.com
Choose one of the best lovely photo of your kids, print it out in a big size, choose a frame and hang it on your wall.

4. Geometric Shape
via thecaldwellproject.com
An interesting way to display your photos with geometric design. Find out how to recreate this look over here.

5. A Lot of Canvas
via justimagine

Photo canvas on a wall will always be a great idea. Choose some different activities of your kids, make them on small sizes and arrange them on your blank wall so you could bring the memories to life.  

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