Designed for Kids - Audi Junior Runner

September 07, 2015

We went to Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2015 last week at ICE BSD City and spotted this cool gear at Audi booth. Too bad Q didn't want to try it on. He was not really in the good mood (yet) because of being woken up from his nap time. Me and S was agreed that it was a well designed balance bike. No wonder, it's Audi's..

Until couple days ago, when I was going to post the picture on instagram, I was wondering where do they sell this balance bike in Indonesia? So I did a research.. and found out.. that the truth is.. it's not only a well designed balance bike.. this balance bike is actually can be transformed into a scooter! How I love it even more..!! I always love convertible products. ♥♥♥


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