Our Favorite - Public City Bike and Kids Balance Bike

October 23, 2015

A couple days ago I was scrolling through my pinterest in searching for a DIY balance bike tutorial. My plan is - to get a nice one or two (or maybe five) designs, give it to S, and let him do the rest! hahaa.. *evilsmirk

But then I got this picture of Public balance bike, that reminds me of my old post back in 2011 about one of my favorite bicycle from Public (see the post here on Public Bikes), and suddenly change the main search! 

via Public
I went to publicbikes.com and started to searching for it. My favorite bicycle has a mini version! How cute!! It turns out that Public have a series of kids balance bike too..  and I'm in love at the very first sight.. ♥

I always love city bikes. Somehow they make people look chic on a bike! Here is my favorite Public bike, Public C7 - a classic Dutch city bike.. (Can I pick two favorites?! Can I? Can I?) I love them in turquoise and red, yumm~.
via Public

And I could imagine how cool Q would be on these mini versions of them.. Kids Balance Bike Public Mini C in Red and Public Mini V in Green. 
via Public
via Public
If you don't have any Public store in your country - like me, you better not to worry. I actually found them on Amazon as well. You can get your own Public C7 and Public Mini C or Public Mini V with the same price as on the main website, yay! 

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