Let's Make Bubble Snakes!

October 20, 2015

It's bubble time..!!
Q loves bubble so much. Well I guess every kids do, right? I mean, who can resist the joy of chasing and popping a bubble? Even for me, it's hard to let one little bubble fly through my nose without looking for where it came from.

I found so many people make bubble snakes on pinterest. It really looks so much fun! So I tried to make our own bubble snakes kit. It's super easy!

You will need:
- An empty water bottle
- Unused sock (or the one that is missing its match)
- Scissor / cutter
- Rubber band / duck tape

How to make bubble snakes:
1. Start by cutting off the bottom of the water bottle. 
2. Place the sock over the bottom of the bottle.
3. Place the rubber band or use the duct tape to secure the sock.

DIY bubble mixture:
Pour some dish soap into a container with a little bit of water and mix it gently. 

That's it, quick and easy! You can use any store-bought bubble mixture or make your own one. Pour the bubble mixture into a shallow container, dip the sock at the end of the bottle into the solution and gently blow from the other side of it.

We had so much fun! ♥
Q didn't really like to blow though. So I did the blow and he was chasing them around and popping it.

Note for the parents:
Please be careful when you let a very young kids to do the blow. Keep on remind them to blow air out, not suck the air in, because they could end by up eating the bubbles!
Or else, give the job to the older kids (or you!) and the younger ones could have a lot of fun popping them out.

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