It's Bowling Time! - Siliwangi Bowling Center Bandung

October 29, 2015

Finally... my first ever bowling experience!
I was so excited, and so does this little guy. He likes to see people do it on Wii games, and when he got the chance to see the real one, he was so thrilled!

At first I was a little bit worry about bringing Q to the bowling alley. It was my first time doing the real bowling, I didn't even know how to play it even thought I have played bowling on Wii before, hahaa.. I wonder if he could sit still or I have to chasing him around. I prepared myself if he get cranky then I would have to bring him out and that would be the end of my game. It turns out, he enjoyed the game!

Q keeps on trying to lift the ball that is about 3/4 his weight. Clapping after everybody's turn. Yelling a happy "yeah~!" and give me and S high-five after our turns. He also has a nice fried mushroom that we ordered from Tomodachi. Who know that playing bowling with toddler could be so much fun?!

We played at Siliwangi Bowling Center. With Rp 200.000 on the weekdays, you can play for an hour with maximum of 6 people in one game. That price includes bowling shoes rental for each person (6  max.), but not the socks, so you better bring your own - you know, rent shoes smell yucky!

There is a restaurant next to the bowling alley called Tomodachi Resto. You can also order a food or drink there to accompany you while playing.

Well, since everyone except S and Ondy were a first-timer, I think this score board is quite a nice one. And we had so much fun! Can't wait for another game..!!

>> Siliwangi Bowling Center <<
Jalan Aceh No.66

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