Food Tasting - Honey's Pavilion Bandung

November 29, 2015

Honey's Pavilion is now officially became our favorite place to have a nice and warm chicken porridge in town. Even our little monkey loves their porridge. They use ayam kampung as the main ingredient and it makes the porridge taste really good.

Q loves their porridge with slices of telur pindang and cakue. One day he even ate the whole bowl by himself! S also like to have telur pindang and cakue. I like it more with slices of ati ampela on top.

The place is not really big, but I like the ambience. With plants around, the little Chinese boy statue, all of those tiny details and the wind chime makes this place feel so homey. The people there are very nice too. 

They also have some other option on the menu. Try their dimsum! Quite good as well. Our other favorite is Vietnamese Coffee - oh off course! 

>> Honey's Pavilion <<
Jalan Bengawan 59

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