Semarang Culinary - Bayleaf Chicken Rice Restaurant

August 21, 2015

My in-laws are both food lovers. That explains why all of their children (including my hubby) are also food lovers (and food critics). They love to travel around town and trying a new cafe or restaurant. Sometimes they even travel to the next town like Salatiga or Pati just to hang out and have their favorite foods.

When we got back to Semarang last holiday, they told us that there is a new restaurant in town called Bayleaf. It was an Eid holiday season so they were closed for several days. But we finally have an chance to try their dish on the last couple days before we left Semarang.

Bayleaf has a nice warm interior that make us feels like being at home. Maybe that's why a lot of customers come with their family, from elders to babies. I like the way they put all the green plants on the ceiling and the wall.

Mind my finger please.. Love their hanging planters!
They have various kind of foods and beverages. We ordered a chicken porridge since little Q was having a cold that day, but then, turned out he rather choose the Hainan Chicken Rice instead, hahaa.. We had quite a lot dish that day, but I couldn't capture everything. Nevertheless, I couldn't agree more with my mother in law, it was a great lunch!

>> Bayleaf Grand Edge Semarang << 
Grand Edge Food Arcade GF
Jalan Sultan Agung 96
Semarang - Indonesia

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