Short Visit To Sam Poo Kong Temple Semarang

August 04, 2015

Hi there!
We were just coming back from a short holiday in Sat's hometown Semarang, and extended it a little bit more in my sister in law's home in Jakarta afterward. Get ready because I'm gonna post some of our trip for a few days from now! ;)

Ever since my first trip to Semarang a few years ago, I always had a list of interesting places that I wanted to visit. But since we always come on national holiday seasons like Eid or Christmas, I always ended up with only one or two checked lists because we have to make time for visiting our family and friends. But this year we decided to do more!

This place has been on my list for quite a long time. The oldest chinese temple in Semarang, Sam Poo Kong. It also known as Gedung Batu Temple. Sam Poo Kong is one of the most historical building in Semarang.

You can find the story about Sam Po Kong and the famous Admiral Zheng He in a lot of sources like here in wikipedia. I would have to write on so many pages to tell you about the story behind that temple. Since there will be so many places that I want to show you guys on my blog, this time I just want to share how beautiful Sam Poo Kong is through some of my snaps that day. Enjoy!

I just love all of the details in Sam Poo Kong. Every little spots were just so good in frame. Even though I capture all of those pictures only by phone, but it came out so nice! Besides, there is an amazing story behind those gorgeous temples.

You could also read the story about Admiral Zheng He on the wall behind the main temple near the cave. There are carved wall that describes the story along with some captions below it.

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